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Onboarding Process

What can I expect when joining?

We start by auditing your existing brand, while learning about you and your business through a unique and holistic interview process.

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What's Included

Making the transition seamless.

Learn what happens when you first join byDesign Monthly.
An Initial Call
Our onboarding process begins with learning about you and your company. Through an effective call, we're able to understand the needs and challenges that you're facing. From there, our team is able to recommend a plan and steps to move our relationship forward.
Typeform Questionnaire
Once you officially join byDesign Monthly, we'll send you a Typeform questionnaire. With about fifteen questions, this allows us to further document your brand and business so that in the future, we're able to reference the information and utilize it in our work and strategies.
Join The Slack
Shortly after subscribing, you'll receive an invite to Slack. Slack is the tool that we here at byDesign use to communicate in real-time. Your dedicated channel is just for you and our team, allowing you to ask questions, submit requests, and so much more.
Submit Requests, Use Benefits
Once you're in the Slack, you're able to use your channel to submit requests, chat with your design director, check on the status of projects, and submit revisions. This will be your one-stop shop for utilizing all the benefits that byDesign offers.

Built just for startups and early-stage companies.

Whether you're looking to scale your design needs, hone in your marketing, or refine your brand. Our team has been there.

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