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An e-commerce startup creating a new care package experience for students.

CampusCrate is a an e-commerce startup creating a new care package experience for students, built on the emotional experiences shared between parents and caretakers, and their students.

CampusCrate was born to create better connections between students and their loved ones. Going away to college is a tough life transition. From leaving what's most familiar to you, to immediately jumping into classes, a new city, new friends, etc., it's tough. With an ecommerce presence, CampusCrate allowed parents or loved ones to go online and create a fully customized care package and experience, unique to their student. From selecting individual items, to including a handwritten note, CampusCrate was the bridging emotional gap during this important transitional period.

The primary value proposition for CampusCrate wasn’t as much centered on the actual physical product as much as it was built on the experience and emotional connection carried by the brand. Using a clunky Square marketplace web app previously, CampusCrate’s experience was less than ideal and in turn turned potential customers off from placing an order.

CampusCrate's website that we built.

byDesign hopped in to help rebuild CampusCrate’s brand, making it cleaner, more relatable to the education industry, and professional when it mattered. Our team really put in the work on the website, however. Starting completely from scratch, our team talked with previous customers, conducted value proposition research, handled UX testing, and built a checkout flow that accomplished both goals: seamless and emotional attachment. The new process allowed handwritten notes, better product selection, a step-by-step walkthrough and more. Leading to over double the rate (and at some points almost three times the number) of conversions.

CampusCrate's logo that we did.

Today, CampusCrate is no longer operating. With tough competition and the inability to gain traction through marketing, the company closed it’s doors. During the team, byDesign consulted on all things design and growth.

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