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Building the user experience for a nurse analytics platform set to cut costs and improve patient care.

In the healthcare space, user experience is absolutely key. Whether it’s treating patients or searching for ways to be more efficient in your work, everything that a hospital, nurses, or doctors does is rooted in creating the best user experience not only for them, but for the patients.

One of the challenges faced by Cogit was building a polished user experience that could be used in beta testing as well as in investor presentations. As with many B2B companies, it’s imperative to have a clean interface and a well-thought out experience when attempting to meet with large hospital systems. This is why building out screens and the early-stage user experience was a top priority for the team at Cogit Analytics.

Before jumping into the user experience, the byDesign team decided to rebrand Cogit. With a clunky, primarily text-focused logo, we wanted to create something cleaner that truly illustrated the meaning behind Cogit: the connection and gap between patients and nursing staff. While the focus was and continues to be on providing better analytics and insights into nursing staff, that ultimately trickles down to patients. We felt our logo refresh accomplished a new look and feel for Cogit. Once the rebrand was complete, we jumped into solving the issues of user experience. With screens that were previously designed in Powerpoint and Publisher, we knew there needed to be more to establish that legitimacy behind the project. We worked on designing new screens through multiple rounds of feedback from potential users, the Cogit team, and what we felt like was best as it related to the experience of nurses and hospital staff. We were mindful that these screens and the experience needed to work in various situations. From being in the field on an iPad, to looking at data analytics on a desktop, it all needed to be clear and efficient.

Today, Cogit continues to beta test it’s product to potential users and is working on building out it’s pilot.

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