Dave's Dogs

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Building the brand for one of D.C.'s best food trucks.

Dave's Dogs was born out of a dream by David Gray back in 2014. Previously an auto mechanic, he wanted to jump into his own venture. Now being one of the most popular food trucks in Woodbridge (and even Washington, D.C.), Dave's Dogs is quickly expanding into new markets and is actively looking to jump into brick-and-mortar expansion.

When Dave's Dogs was getting started, they didn't have any type of visual identity. Something that almost every business that's just getting started, faces. Faced with the issue of finding something that truly represented Dave, and not just his business, was complex. Food trucks also rely heavily on social media, but being a one-man show, it's hard to focus on running your business while trying to keep up with social content.

For Dave’s Dogs, we started with the brand. We wanted to create something that emulated Dave, his personality, and the goals that he was striving for at Dave’s Dogs. Branding goes way beyond just the logo and making it look pretty. We wanted something that created that emotional connection for customers and was long-lasting. That stands true today. Accompanying the logo, we had built Dave’s Dogs website. Staying in the same lane as the logo, we wanted to create something that had the same flair as the brand and food, but brought additional user functionality like a food truck locator, up to the minute tweets, and an always-updated menu.

On top of those two deliverables, the byDesign team continues to consult and strategize with Dave’s Dogs on their social strategy and growth plans. Dave’s Dogs was named the number one food truck in the Washington, D.C. area in both 2017 and 2018. Cross your fingers for 2019.

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