Dave's Dogs


Building the brand for one of D.C.'s best food trucks.

Project Scope

Dave's Dogs is a food truck located in Woodbridge, Virginia. Rooted in traditional food, specifically variations of hot dogs, Dave wanted to cook not only food people loved, but wanted to build a brand that stood for everything he believed in. Today, Dave's Dogs has partnered with animal shelters to donate tens of thousands of dollars and adopt out hundreds of cats and dogs. We were tasked with creating a unique, yet retro look and feel for Dave. We knew that hot dogs were a classic staple in American households, so bringing in elements that felt like home really embodied our design thought process. We also implemented a live truck tracker, and various texting tools to keep his loyal fanbase in the loop with his location and latest offerings.

See Our Work in Action

Dave's Dogs has been named one of Washington's best food trucks in 2017 and 2018.

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