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Spira is a company utilizing algae to create functional ingredients.

Cofounded by one of our partners here at byDesign, Spira is a food technology company changing the way humans eat. Working at the intersection of biotechnology, food science and agriculture, the startup creates plant-based ingredients from spirulina algae that are healthier and more sustainable than conventional foods. The company creates proteins and natural colors through new technologies that allow us to maximize the benefits of the future food. As the global population grow to 10B by 2050, the world will need to produce 70% more food. Spira is not only committed to being a part of the solution, the company is devoted to changing the way we, humans, produce, consume and think about food altogether.

In creating the right aesthetic for a future-forward idea, we weaved an approachable, yet post modern feel throughout the company's collateral and website. In recognizing how sacred food is to certain demographics, we ensured a friendly and minimal style from the business cards to crowdfunding to packaging, explaining explicitly on who the company was and what they were striving to accomplish.

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