The Giving Wall


Helping those in poverty, get out of it, with a mix between offline and online giving.

With a simple goal of helping people in our community, The Giving Wall was born. A collaboration between one individual and Richmond, Virginia's Office of Community Wealth Building, The Giving Wall is an online platform that creates a shopping experience for those that want to give back. Instead of simply donating money, the needs of individuals are placed on the website, such as boots or money for a bus pass. Giving users and those in the community the unique opportunity to know exactly how they're affecting that person's life.

Two challenges were faced by The Giving Wall. One was it’s ability to illustrate it’s meaning in a single mark. With lots packed into it’s purpose, it was important that the brand was something people could attach to and associate themselves with. On top of that was the primary challenge: designing an experience that let people attach themselves to the specific individual they were helping. Initially focused on the idea of being like Amazon, that idea quickly dissipated when it felt too transactional.

We worked diligently to understand the goals, perspective, and purpose behind the project and ultimately settled on the hand mark you see now. We felt like this aligned perfectly with what The Giving Wall was all about. We also worked with The Giving Wall team to design a better experience (on both the front and back end) to create a less transactional, but more personal experience for “Givers.” We felt we accomplished this with the site that is now live.

Today, The Giving Wall is thriving as it’s own independent project and continually meets it’s goals of those in need. Something that I know the team over at The Giving Wall and ourselves are proud of.

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